DWeb meetup

IPFS Usage: Dietrick Ayala

Yisi Liu: A Mesh Network Workshop in China

Karissa Mclelvey: Decentralization, off the shelf

Mark Nadal: Learning at Scale GUN last year

Adam Souzis: Open cloud Services (One Commons)

Paul frazee: Choosing Not to ship

Beaker 1.0 was lauched!! 🎉

Don’t ship code if you don’t love it!

Maria Bustillos: WRITER!


From Dietrich Ayala to Everyone: (3:22 AM)
new extension apis is a rough road - hard lesson we learned with libdweb. good choice to not do that :)

Fluence: Open Application Platform: Tom Trowbridge

Travis Vachon: Self Determination for our digital bodies with solid

Brandon Wallace: PLAN Systems

Mike Toomim + Seph Gentle (Braid)

Closing notes

Meetup reference shared